Govt. Approved Valuer

I am a Government Approved Valuer, registered under income tax act 1957 section 34AB. I have fellowship of institution of valuers ,New Delhi.I have been registered as CHARTERED ENGINEER In Govt. organizations,I have done valuation of residencial, commercial, agriculture properties costing crores of rupees.

Building Constructions

I have about 40 years experience in building constrution and I undertake its consultancy mainly for residential and Commercial Properties.

Developing a colony

I am developing a colony of 200 plots at Barwah namely "SAWARIYA VIHAR". Project is almost compeleted and 25 Families started residing in the colony.

What our clients say

I got done valuation of my properties from Mr. A.A. Bhoraskar. Honorable High Court decision was obtained in similar cases, also considered by him. Ultimately his valuation based on various aspects, found very near to the market value of property, and not near to the guide line. I am satisfied with Mr. Bhoraskar's valuation.

Dr. BK Shrimali Barwah (M.P.)

I have gone through the valuations prepared by Mr. Bhoraskar for various properties. His speciality is that he doesn't depend upon Guide Line prepared by District Authority, but considers variours other aspects too, including Hon'ble High Court's decisions made in connection with property valution,which helps to reach actual market valuation of property.

D.P. Tiwari IAS (Retd.) Bhopal

I have gone through number of valuations prepared by Mr. A.A Bhoraskar. He studies the matter deeply,and various grounds takes under considration without hampering legal aspects.

Narendra Jain & co.

Our Compay's land was taken by a Govt. under taking authority for its residential scheme.Compasation was in the form of developed plots. But even after passing 5 years, Govt Agency could not start the project on the land,and was not ready to make it free from scheme. For selling purpose,we got the valuation of land done from Mr. A.A. Bhoraskar.He considerd many factors and ultimately valvation done by him was found very near to market value of land and not guide line.We found him very expert in valuation works.His main base of valuation was Hon'ble High Court decisions in similar cases.

Manish Gupta Partner Staunch Reasilies-20, R.k.Puram Colony Indore

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Achyut Bhoraskar is one of the leading Govt. Approved Valuer.I am associates of Government-Registered Valuer. Mainly valutation of commercial,residential,agriculture properties are being done in my office

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